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  • For sale, proceedings go to Ukraine

    Spring 2022

  • I had these posters made

    Summer 2021

  • Realisation of art book for a painter

    Autumn 2020

  • Studiovisits instead of fairs, happy clients!

    SUMMER 2020

  • Open Atelier

    Spring 2020


    Autumn 2019. My work : Still Life with straws was picked for the invitation of the Anna Singer Artotheek of the Singer Museum in Laren. So proud!


    Spring 2019 I photographed all kinds of blossom in the Vondelpark. It was beautiful, I was amazed by the diversity of trees and flowers. In the autumn I went back to photograph the coloured leaves.


    In Januari 2019 my 15 years old nephew was assigned to a schoolproject. They had to analyze an artwork. He chose my Still Life with a vase. Very proud I gave him the details of the work he could use. He thought it very funny that the earbuds were in the work.


    These are autumn leaves that I used for Still Life with a 3d printer.


    In the Utrechtse straat is a cheese shop I love. Tromp kazen. I bought a goat cheese to use in one of the Still Lifes. When I looked at the structure of the cheese, hugely enlarged on my computer screen, I was mesmerized. Almost architecturally and so beautiful that I wanted to show it by itself. To photograph such a tiny cheese on a large format photo (90 x 100…